Cabac Cabpro Mega 45 Vinyl Elec Tape Red T030014RD

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CABPRO MEGA 45 is a 0.18mm all weather, professional grade, pressure sensitive vinyl tape that is available in four colours for colour coding and insulating. CABPRO MEGA 45 is cold and weather resistant and flame retardant.

Use CABPRO MEGA 45 for quick identification of electrical circuits, containers, and conduit systems, as well as primary insulation for splices at not more than 600 volts. UL 510, CAS 22.2 (rated from - 18 deg C), VDE.

CABPRO MEGA 45 Features
- 0.18mm thickness
- Cold and weather resistant
- Flame retardant
- High dielectric strength
- Highly elastic
- Highly conformable
- High UV resistance
- Highly resistant to sun, water, oil, acids, alkalies, corrosive chemicals
- Lead-free

Recommended Uses

Quick identification of electrical phases, circuits, feeders and branches. Also can be used to identify container contents, marking of piping and conduit systems and as a warning tape. Primary insulation for splices up to 600 volts. Can be used at all low temperatures applications.

Technical Data

Dimensions: 19mm x 20m x 0.18mm
Colour: Red

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  • Model: T030014RD
  • Manufacturer: CABAC

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