NJ88C33MA Frequency Synthesiser With I2c Interface

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NJ88C33MA Frequency Synthesiser With I2c Interface

The NJ88C33 is a synthesiser circuit fabricated on Mitel Semiconductor's 1.4 micron CMOS process, assuring very high performance. It is I2C compatible and can also be programmed at up to 5MHz. It contains a 16-bit R counter, a 12-bit N counter and a 7-bit A counter. A digital phase comparator gives improved loop stability with current source outputs to reduce loop components. A voltage doubler is provided for the loop driver to improve control voltage range to the VCO when operating at low supply voltages.


■ Easy to Use

■ Low Power Consumption (15mW)

■ Single Supply 2.5V to 5.5V

■ Digital Phase Comparator with Current Source Outputs

■ Serial (I2C Compatible) Programming, 5MHz max

■ Channel Loading in 8µs

■ 150MHz Input Frequency Without Prescaler at 4.5V (52MHz at 2.7V)

■ Standby Modes ■ Use of Two-Modulus Prescaler is Possible


■ Cordless Telephones (CT2, DECT)

■ Cellular Telephones (GSM, PCN, ETACS)

■ Hand Held Marine Radios

■ Sonarbuoys

■ Video Clock generators

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