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3M Vm Mastic Strips 3Pk T030217
3M Vm Mastic Strips 20X150mm 3Pk (T030217)
Scotch« Vinyl Mastic Pads 20x150mm 3PK

Scotch« Vinyl Mastic Tape VM is a rubber based mastic laminated to an all-weather 0.18mm vinyl. It provides double duty protection in one wrap. Vinyl Mastic Tape seals out moisture and protects against corrosion without the need for heating tools or multiple tapes.

Technical Data
Pad size: 114x165x3.2mm thick

Applications (600 Volt Maximum)
ò Bolted connections
ò Service drops
ò Traffic Signal wire connections
ò Transformer bushing protection
ò Padding bolted connections on a busbar
ò Terminal protection
ò Cable sealing
ò Secondary compression connections
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