S-Click Wall Timer Switch 230Vac 10A HNS210TD

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The S-Click HNS210TD Wall Timer Switch is a high current 10A timer switch suitable for a range of applications, including motor loads up to 8A. This unit has selectable operating modes that allow it to act as an ON/OFF timer switch or a restart timer switch as required.

The HNS210TD is configured using eight DIP switches, a quick and simple method that allows installers to tailor the timer function precisely to their client's needs. This unit supports a wide range of timer duration options, enabled by a switch which determines whether the time-out is set in long (4-minute) or short (15-second) increments. This means that timer duration can range from 15 seconds to over 4 hours. Another switch allows for the installer to select what action results when the button is pushed while the load is on. Using this setting, the HNS210TD can be programmed to restart the timer when the button is pushed during operation, thus extending the run time. Alternatively, the button can be programmed to turn off the load upon a subsequent push, cutting the run time short.

Applications and Compatibility

This timer is suitable for the majority of applications, but is particularly well suited for fan motors. The HNS210TD is multi-way switching capable, refer to the product Datasheet for further information.
Compatible with HPM and Clipsal style wall plates. Suitable push buttons are provided for a perfect fit.

Operating Conditions

Operating Voltage: 230 - 240V a.c. 50Hz*
Operating Temperature: 0 to +50 degrees Celsius
Certification Standard: CISPR15, AS/NZS 3100, AS/NZS 60669.2.1
Maximum Load: 10AX
Timer Range: 15 seconds to 252 minutes
Timer Accuracy: +/- 10%
Terminals: Screw Terminals suit 1.5mm2 to 4.0mm2 stranded (bootlace terminal recommended)
Note: Operation at temperature, voltage or load outside of the specifications may cause permanent damage to the unit.
*Not suitable to be driven by a DC-AC inverter.

The HNS210TD is to be installed as part of a fixed wire electrical installation. By law such installations must be made by an electrical contractor or similarly qualified person. For operating instructions and important safety warnings, refer to the product User Manual.

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